Orthogonal Records is a small but delicate recording studio located in Kapfenberg, Austria. In accordance with our clients we approach every project with great care to achieve what is our greatest passion: first class recordings of first class music.

Orthogonal Records offers a relaxed and nice atmosphere paired with highest professionality. The studio has a 30 square meter recording room and a 15 square meter control room, both offering elaborately treated acoustics. The acoustics in the control room conforms to professional studio standards, thus allowing to objectively judge every mix. It also offers enough space and comfort to discuss a mix with a whole band. The recording room has been optimised for acoustic instruments such as drumsets, guitars and of course vocals. By using mobile absorbers and gobos the acoustics is additionally shapeable for each special situation. We have the possibility to record 16 tracks simultaneously, which means we can do live recordings of complete bands as well as overdubs.